1. PLASTIC BAGS                                                          7. LIQUIDS
grocery & salt bags, shrink wrap, cereal bags                 please empty & rinse recyclable containers, jars, and bottles

2. NON-RECYCLABLE GLASS                                       8. NON-RECYCLABLE PLASTIC

window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, ceramic,                     flower pots, hoses, garden edging, toys 
china, dishes, pane glass 

                                                                                                                      9. BAGGED MATERIAL 

3. FOOD-CONTAMINATED ITEMS                                 please place loose recyclable material in bin

any recyclable items with food residue;                              

Must rinse for recyclable                                                 10. DIAPERS OR BIO-HAZARDOUS WASTE

                                                                                                                      medical waste, blood-contaminated items

4. COATED (WAX-FILM) CARDBOARD                               

frozen food containers, milk cartons                                11. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 

                                                                                                                      batteries, tires, old paint cans, motor oil, chemical bottles

5. ORGANIC WASTE/GARBAGE                                    pesticides, cleaning product bottles & aerosol cans  

yard waste, food waste, garbage                                       

                                                                                                                      12. LOOSE SHREDDED PAPER

6. SCRAP METAL                                                            ​place shredded paper in a clear/opaque bag

metal fixtures, faucets, siding, appliances                          

MISCELLANEOUS MATERIALS: construction debris/material (wood, drywall, etc.), scrap metal, electronics, vinyl, printer cartridge, compost/firewood, clothing, styrofoam (including peanuts), soiled/wet paper and cardboard products (toilet & paper towel), used sugar packets, soft-pack cigarettes, pizza boxes


THE DIRTY DOZEN:  Due to the nature of the following items or their inabiity to be efficiently recycled, please leave out of your recycling bin. 


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